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Your Path to Success with Big Data

What is the demand of your product next month? Which customers likely to leave you? Machine learns from your past data to give you the ability to know what will or might happen in the future of your business.

Discover how Big Data can let you look into the future of your business.

Right Information Right Away

Big Data with Natural Language Processing empower accurate search engine to find you the information that you are looking for in your huge pool of knowledge databank.

Learn more about Speedminer Knowledge Management that is empowered by Big Data Unstructured Text Analytics.

Balance your Scorecard

Is maximizing profit your only indicator for performance? Broaden your perspective in performance management to strive balance and steady growth of your business to ensure long term success.

The best Performance Management System is one that fully integrated into your systems.

See Data to Understand

Easiest way to understand your data is with Visualization. 2D and 3D charts, gauges and graphical rich dashboard capture your attention to the highlight of your business.

Are you still looking at pages of report listing? Explore our Visualization tool that you can understand your business in a split of second.

Survey is Easy and Fun

Forget about planning and printing of survey forms, jump right in to configure your survey with Speedminer that supports offline and online survey. The survey data is directly captured and ready for analysis and analytics with no extra effort!

You can now carry out Survey without huge budget.

Build your own System

Can business person build a system without coding? Surely you need to try out Web Application Framework to believe. A framework that support HTML5 and cross browser with the promise of continuous support for future technologies and standard, your developed system cannot be outdated anymore.

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