With data from disparate sources consolidated, Data Exploration is essentially the main purpose of the entire system to mine the data and discover secrets behind it. Analyzer supports the exploration of data through easy drag and drop to form query and analysis. With the power to slice and dice, drill down and through the analysis, business users essentially have the power to understand everything about the business and the surrounding environment, as everything is now at fingertips!


Speedminer Analyzer enables different viewpoints on the information through multi-dimensional analysis, whereby measures such as revenue, cost, profitability and customer retention reveal previously unseen trends and information when viewed through different angles and dimensions.

Analyzer for Novice and Advanced Users

Analyzer comes with interfaces that suite both novice and advanced users.
Non-IT savvy users find creation of analysis very simple with the intuitive features of drag-and-drop, cut-and-paste, point-and-click, and best of all is a wizards that help beginner to create even complex analysis through a simple step by step guidance.


Speedminer offers plenty of options, with bar, Gantt, line, curve, step, cube, scatter, coordinate, waterfall, butterfly, heat map, and other 2D/3D chart types. The presentation can be further enhanced with chart animation and real-time chart analysis as well as the removal of certain data points on the fly. Users are given further convenience with the ability to export analysis and convert to Excel, PDF, PPT, HTML, PNG.

  • Toggle between chart and cross tab display with just a single click.
  • Hiding and Suppressing Rows and Columns with or without condition
  • Theme based – different users may customize the theme to suit personal preference, therefore same analysis may appear in different color, pattern and layout if permitted.
  • Dimension and members can be related to specific color to bring consistency whenever the same data element is shown in anywhere in the entire system.
  • Multiple analysis and reports can be merged by row (append below one another) or by column, this enable creation of extremely complex reports that merge information of very different nature and at time with no relationship.
  • Drill to report allow navigation between reports that matches condition at the row/column or cell on the report.
  • Speedminer combine Multi-dimensional Query (MDX) with Standard Query Language (SQL) to yield an extremely powerful support of query virtually any data in anyway, this is the unique feature only available to Speedminer.
  • Data Alert enables exception highlighting to alert and notify users of irregularities in the data as well as intelligently highlight information that require attention by users by using images, variation of fonts and colors.
  • Wildcard and keywords search are supported, ranking based on 1 or multiple columns as well as conditionally and dynamically determine the ranking behavior are among the extremely powerful features only available through Speedminer.
  • Users can use dynamic condition like <last 30 days> to create query and save as member [<30 days] under a new dimension of [Aging Bracket] for future reuse. As the query is based on date of query thus the report will reflect actual Aging of the day of query.
    Sharing and reuse of formulas and logics.
  • Computation may incorporate complex formulas, ‘if-else’, ‘for-loop’, ‘while-loop’ logic, KPIs, simple statistics (sum/ mean/average/variance/std dev/max/min etc.), prebuilt functions in the Library, calculation of market share change/ percentage growth, or even calling an external scripting for advanced forecasting, budgeting etc. With all these powerful features combined, users can virtually create any kind of analysis or report, even a financial statement with customized look and feel.
  • Analyzer supports linking of multiple subject areas in a single query and analysis, thus allowing for traditional complex Multi-Pass Queries to be translated to simple queries that can be resolved and executed quicker.
  • Analysis can be sent as attachment in e-mail or included in the Task Delegation for tasks assignment to subordinates. Tasks assigned can also be monitored or redirected further.
  • User can with a single click to create a forum discussion tie to specific cell of the analysis, for charts, annotation is supported to facilitate collaboration among users.