Enterprise Reporter

Reporters on the market generally expect users to have understanding of table structures and SQL. Other more user-friendly reporters confine users to report only OLAP dimension.


At Speedminer, with SQL Shortcut, Wizards and intuitive interface support, novices with no knowledge of SQL or table relationships, after minimal training, will be able to build their own reports, thus reducing the workload of report creation and modification for the IT department.


Speedminer Enterprise Reporter was created with the needs of corporate OLAP/BI and operational reporting in mind. The report content can be extracted from Multi-dimensional Analysis, Transactional Listing, Class Object, direct low level storage (Global) and also via SQL to access data residing in any common databases. Reports can be shared with all or selected corporate users or even for quick direct publication via internet.


Data Ingestion modules consolidate data from multiple sources and platforms into a single, centralized repository. Complex reports that require access to data stored across multiple applications can now be directly extracted from the consolidated database.

Users can place reports onto the dashboard with interactive filters to allow accurate and precise report creation with a simple click.

Reports can be saved and dynamically refreshed and updated. It can also be stored as a snapshot copy for future reference or access.

Hybrid SQL combines multi-dimensional queries with SQL queries to give users the flexibility and power to build complex queries that run faster. Speedminer further supports Simplified SQL which does away with Complex Join (Join syntax is still fully supported). Instead of tables and fields, users can also access Subjects and Shortcuts which are more meaningful.

Reports can be subscribed and automatically distributed to a broad audience via e-mail or Portal, thus reducing the costs of faxing, and mailing. Reports can be viewed on screen or exported to PDF, Excel, text file or XML.