Messaging & Collaboration

Short Messaging Service (SMS) is a highly efficient mode of communication that facilitates short message delivery. Coupled with cheaper costs, SMS is a viable alternative to expensive telephone calls. Phone calls also go unanswered when the other party is unavailable, resulting in objectives not being met. Hence, it is not surprising to see the increasing trend in SMS usage, due to increased clarity and convenience in certain cases. It is often the case that SMS is the most direct and functional form of communication.

With Speed SMS automatic reminder, businesses realize tangible improvements in operational efficiency as well as financial prudence. Such examples are:-

The attendance rate and punctuality for appointments will be visibly improved.

More payments will be conducted on time.

There would be even higher renewal rates for subscriptions with automatic reminders.

Speed SMS automates mailing of SMS reminders, alerts and notifications, and via the Workflow engine, escalation of SMS based on business rules can be configured. The key advantage of Speed SMS is cost efficiency as there is reduced business overhead as costly human operators are substituted with the affordable SMS charges.

Most SMS solutions on the market are standalone systems without Data Warehouse and OLAP engine backing. This means that integration to the operation system shall incur additional cost and effort. Rather than implementing the SMS module for each operation system, Speedminer offers a totally consolidated environment and is thus better equipped to implement the SMS system. The SMS messages that have been sent out would be stored within the Speedminer Data Warehouse. Even the response rate towards the SMS would be saved and can be later used for further analysis.

Sample Case: Customer Satisfaction Survey

Speedminer empowers the user to be able to select a specific portion of active customers based on a specific set of criteria to receive survey or other purpose SMS. The SMS can be sent in the individual customer’s preferred language, and the response of the customer to the SMS can also be stored in the system for analysis like the following:-

  •  What percentage of customers received the Survey SMS?
  •  What was the response rate? Is there any trend or pattern showing the correlation between the ethnic group or age group and the willingness to respond to the survey?
  •  What is the customer satisfaction level towards the service delivered? This can even be broken down by department or salesperson for more detailed insight.

All these are highly relevant questions in the context of business and customer relationship management and what better place to implement Speed SMS than in Business Intelligence?

Workflow Module supports SMS queries by the authorized mobile users. Once the users have sent in a keyword to request for particular information, the workflow can be customized to query the database and retrieve data to be sent back to the users. Validation on the information sent and the request are also supported.

Speed SMS comes with standard reports including statistics, audit trail, and sent/received message reports. Additional custom reports can be generated from the Reporter module to produce custom reports like SMS Survey, SMS messages trend, etc.

Speed SMS is web service ready. This means that other applications can easily integrate to Speed SMS to retrieve the SMS data, and to send SMS via web services. Speed SMS also supports other common SMS protocols including SMPP (Short Message Peer to Peer Protocol), HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) or SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) API (Application Programming Interface), GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) modem, or custom integration methods.

With integrated Scheduler, Speed SMS can perform the task at specific interval or a predefined date/time.

Speed SMS integrated with the Business Intelligence engine to allow querying of the customer database to obtain right target audience for the SMS to be sent out with an individually customized message.

Speed SMS template supports Unicode and multi-lingual, namely Malay, English, Mandarin, Thai, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, and German. Messages can be set to automatically send out messages in the preferred language of the target audience.

The security module can be configured to limit the number of SMS to be sent out by users to prevent misuse of the system. Audit trail that tracks the sending and receiving of SMS is also available.