QuadraMed Corporation

QuadraMed is the industry leader in developing information technology solution that enables efficient information management in healthcare organizations. This renowned healthcare information system provider offers services ranging from clinical management to patient information management, from revenue cycle management to health information management. Having the knowledge and experiences of daily workings with large healthcare institutions, QuadraMed rapidly see the potential of how embedded real-time business intelligence could make their applications more valuable by giving users timely information. This then enhanced the work performance and effectiveness of the users.


The first QuadraMed solution to be enhanced with Speedminer is a registration auditing and quality improvement application that provides information needed to process insurance claims. In the hospital, properly filing claims so that the institution is paid for services rendered involves complicated procedures. Every insurance organization may have different and specific requirements on the claim format, permissible values, and consistency of patient data. With the aid of InterSystem Ensemble and Speedminer, QuadraMed can now manage the application workflow and rules governing data requirements more effectively. With Speedminer, QuadraMed can now go a major step further by making it possible to monitor and report on the operational registration process in real time as needed.


Speedminer provides users with dashboards to monitor data quality, throughput, and backlog as well as allowing users to change data rules and work assignments in real time. For example, users can quickly identify if a rule needs to be altered to facilitate the flow of claims. Or, if one person becomes bogged down with a particularly complex claim, supervisors can see the bottleneck, and adjust work assignments accordingly. Thanks to Speedminer, QuadraMed can now directly build this capability into their system and that makes their application more appealing to users. Therefore, QuadraMed is now more competitive in the marketplace.

With Speedminer, you’re looking at what’s happening in your business while it’s actually taking place and you can make the changes needed to improve the process. It’s difficult to over stand the value of operational intelligence when making the right business changes.

Jim Klein