Speed Analyzer

With the ability to perform complex cum ad-hoc query on large current and historical data, slice-and-dice of analysis results and drill-through function to obtain the most specific of detailed listings, Speed Analyzer proves to be both comprehensive and extremely capable in delivering business analysis.

Instantaneous Insight into Relationships and Patterns in data
Facts and figures require varied viewpoints to be able to provide the most insight to users. Speed Analyzer supports this imperative with the capability of multi-dimensional analysis, whereby measures such as revenue, cost, profitability and customer retention reveal previously unseen trends and information when viewed through different angles and dimensions. Different viewpoints include analysis based on dimensions like product category, date of order, customers, locations and others.

Analysis Tool for Novice and Advance Users
Speed Analyzer comes with 2 different interfaces for novice and advanced users. Non-IT savvy users shall find creation of analysis very simple with the intuitive features of drag-and-drop, cut-and-paste, point-and-click.

Merge Reports and Drill Reports
Features such as the Column Link and Union Report are supported to combine multiple reports into one report easily. Navigation and detail display are greatly enhanced with the Drill Report which enables navigation to different reports.

Hybrid SQL
Traditional Multi-dimensional Query (MDX) cannot be combined with Standard Query Language (SQL) and this does not allow for complex queries to be represented in an easy manner, nor does it allow for quick and time-sensitive execution. Speed Analyzer combines OLAP query with SQL to give users the most flexibility and power in querying the data with fast performance.

Multi-pass Query support
Speed Analyzer supports linking of multiple subject areas in a single query and analysis, thus allowing for traditional complex Multi-Pass Queries to be translated to simple queries that can be resolved and executed quicker.

Visual Presentation Customizable to Suit Every Analysis
With a rich plethora of chart types, data presentation does not need to be dull and repetitive. Speed Analyzer offers plenty of options, with bar, Gantt, line, curve, step, cube, scatter and other various 2-D/3-D chart types. Users are given further convenience with the ability to export data to PDF/MS Excel/ HTML/XML format with professional templates.

Intelligent Information Highlight
Data Alert enables exception highlighting to alert and notify users of irregularities in the data. When the outcome value of the analysis falls out of the designated range, the system shall alert using font, alignment, colour and even images, to ensure due notice is given.

Hiding/Suppressing Rows and Columns
Rows and Columns can be suppressed based on conditions like null, zero value and other conditions. Hiding of rows and columns are supported as well.

Colour Scheme to Customize Look and Feel
Users are spoilt for choice as they get to choose and customize the look and feel for the chart and crosstab including applying suitable colour scheme.

Search, Ranking, E-Mail and Task Delegation
Searching for information is easy with the keyword/ pattern search such as "A*", "A*P", "A?P", "X?P?A?". Ranking based on 1 or more columns are supported. Sorting can be pre-configured or via a single click on the column header. Even the creation of dynamic Compound Members (View) like [Aging Bracket] of [<30 days], [<60 days] can be based on today's date or other dynamic parameter. Toggle between chart and cross tab display is just a single click away. Analysis can be exported and attached in e-mail or included in the Task Delegation for tasks assignment to subordinates. Tasks assigned can also be monitored or redirected further.

Comprehensive Calculations and Statistics
Computation may incorporate complex formulas, 'if-else', 'for-loop', 'while-loop' logic, KPIs, simple statistics (sum/ mean/average/variance/std dev/max/min etc.), prebuilt functions in the Library, calculation of market share change/ percentage growth, or even calling an external scripting for advanced forecasting, budgeting etc. With all these powerful features combined, users can virtually create any kind of analysis or report, even a financial statement with customized look and feel.

Statistical Functions
Statistical Analysis for dependency tests like Pearson's Chi Square, G-Test (Likelihood Ratio). Speed Analyzer also supports Dynamic Measures for queries like [total collection this week], [# cases in past 10 days].

Storing and Sharing Formulas
Measures, computations, statistical functions and formulas can be created for sharing across the system or restricted for a particular analysis only.

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