University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC)


University of Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) formerly known as University Hospital is the first teaching public hospital, under the Ministry of Higher Education with 1,617 beds.


Problems Faced & User Requirement
Before Speedminer came in to provide its Speedminer BPM & DW, there were noticeable flaws in the current system that all staffs were using where one of them is that the current system lack data mining services. As a result all staffs had to come up with their own initiatives to come up with their own methods to do analyzing and reporting, whether using the usual MS Excel, MS Access, MS SQL Server and other database services. Another major problem was the difficulty encountered when special cases arose where data filtering had to be done manually. If there was a huge number of records needed to be analyzed, which in most cases there are, only samples were considered, including samples that were chosen or picked to be displayed or kept, because of its “pretty” data and results. This does not produce incorrect information, as only the good ones are chosen and displayed, whereas the bad ones that need to be considered and mostly concerned are lost and not produced. There was no systematic system to store and include all the data, so staffs could actually lie on the reports and data analysis to make their department/line of work looks good. As a result, this has created massive incorrect information and data perception caused by huge human errors. There were no centralized unit for databases and records PPUM felt like they needed to significantly improve its database storing system. Furthermore, manual computations needed to be done to actually present or analyze the data were very time consuming which also creates a lot of confusion not only to the ones who were performing the calculations, as they needed to recheck and recalculate several times to get a consistent result, but also to the next persons reading the data (problems interpreting the data), data display is incomprehensible. This has led them to invest an extremely huge amount of time, energy and resources where in some cases more workforce are needed to complete one computation or data analysis.


Strategy Followed
With Speedminer BPM & DW, the BI tool developed was developed in a way that all users are able to build a vast portal which includes multiple pivot tables, dashboards of data for financial data and HR data especially used by Nadi IT. Speedminer BI helps to simplify the way that record is being stored and for easy retrieval. Besides also providing accurate and comprehensive representation of data, all computations are made easy so that all reports can be generated easily. For instance, one of the major reports mostly implemented in the radiology department called the Patient Journey report as a matter of fact allows the users to track and analyze the journey of each patient in their record through the inpatient/outpatient/radiology exams.


The introduction of the Speedminer DW and BI has significantly reduced human errors and data representation and record display are nothing but precise and accurate due to the fact that miscalculations, wrong charging and false analysis records can be avoided because with the new BI, staffs can no longer pick the records with good results, it show true state, productivity and potential of the hospital. Analysis generation is precise, accurate and standardized where records used by each users are records that are centralized and calculations are all standardized.


Data Sources
The Data Warehouse and BI project was awarded as part of the Total Hospital Information System to FSBM Bhd, the main contractor. This project involved integration of various systems from different databases i.e. Hospital Information System, Laboratory Information System, PACS, CCIS etc.


According to one of the users of this new BI in UMMC, the Speedminer DW & BI has helped the easiness of the financial, management, and record management that ensures smooth running of operation. Less energy, time and resources are required to generate reports, perform calculation, analyzing data that leads to increasing productivity of the hospital. The BI tool was made easy so that users understand the representation of data and does not need to become expert IT personnel to actually use the BI. Comprehensive and constructive training as well as continuous support bestowed by the Speedminer team has made them feel like they are being “walked-through” the software. Overall all staffs are happy with their new BI implementation that leads them to work in a less-stressful and less time-consuming environment. Accurate analysis has made them better understand the potential and productivity of the facility and has helped them in decision-making processes and communications between departments.