A good Business Intelligence should be able to tell stories based on the data that can be easily understood by business people so that they are able to make informed decisions, or take corrective actions quickly. There is no better way to present the story than on a rich graphical Dashboard.

One look is worth a thousand words” – Frederick R. Barnard in 1921a

It’s an incredible challenge to ingest and digest all the information related to an organization, and display it in a coherent yet meaningful way. Yet Speedminer Visualizer is capable of delivering the full story of your data by using 2D/3D charts, map, alert listings, images, speedometers/gauges, and other high visual impact components that can be understood in a single glance!

Dashboard Personalization

Speedminer Theme personalize dashboards
to present content with different visual
styles and perspectives as according to
the preferences of individual users and

Interactive Filters

Components like combo box, list box, date picker,
textbox, slider, and even image can be used to
filter the data in analysis, KPIs, maps and other
data-bound objects.

Common Output Standards

Crosstabs and charts can be printed or exported
in the format of PDF, Excel, Word, Powerpoint,
Text File, HTML and picture.

Chart Annotation

The annotation tool enables inclusion of
shaped/lines/arrows, dialog boxes, and a
pencil and writing onto the chart.