EliteSys Web Application Framework gives users a wide range of capabilities from developing simple web forms to even the most complex web applications. The workflow engine facilitates automated business processes while giving users control over establishing the sequence of tasks to be performed.


EliteSys Framework facilitates rapid application development with dynamic and interactive web applications for high traffic and great performance. The integrated modules include a Form Builder, Workflow, Library (hundreds of reusable functions), real time BI and Big Data engine, as well as the Integration Platform fulfil every requirement of the application, allowing developers to focus only on the Business Logic and User Interface.

 The Form Builder features drag and drop, allows the
user to create the data entry screen easily. The output
is an interactive web application with Theme support.

The Workflow Engine allows processes like an approval
system , automatic validation and checking, routing and
other flow control to be implemented. Users can choose
to email or SMS a notification after registration of form
or upon approval.

The robust framework environment ensures high performance and high stability with near zero downtime.  Easy maintenance also implies that future change request to the system can be done easily and quickly to accommodate frequent changes required by the market driven business.


Small Footprint imposes little overhead on the application. With its compression technique, the application designed using Speedminer outperforms those built with other framework technologies.

Capable of caching of web documents to reduce the bandwidth usage, server load and perceived lag.

Support Model–View–Controller (MVC) architectural pattern to separate the data model with business rules from the user interface for modularization of code and promote code reuse.

Encourage the adoption of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) as a platform to communicate with the legacy applications, allowing for the development of composite application at minimum cost.

Supports the Erchitecture for high availability (Clustering), scalability (Multi-tier Architecture) and compliance with Enterprise Application framework requirement.

Cross Browser support capability to run on mobile devices including iPads.

Application Documentation can be generated from the system automatically.

Supports partially reloading of web pages for interactivity, speed and usability.

Template and Wizard help developers design, develop and deploy professional applications more quickly to meet budgets and deadlines.

Information is associated internally instead of passing as URL parameters.

Developer can choose to use the Security module, LDAP/AD, or custom built security