Dutch Lady Berhad Milk Industries

Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad is well-known as one of the most trusted names in dairy and infant nutrition products. Incorporated in 1963, as well as being the first milk company in Malaysia to be listed on Bursa Malaysia, the local stock exchange in 1968, Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad has had substantial experience operating in the country. Prominent products include Dutch Lady UHT milk and Dutch Lady 123.

Problem and Requirements

Dutch Lady Milk Industries required a robust customer relationship management (CRM) system that was able to consistently track, measure and record sales data based on staff performance and client success rate.


Based primarily on Microsoft Excel usage, data collection, storage and synchronization was a highly inefficient process and left much to be desired in terms of data accessibility and dissemination. Such a method was highly inefficient due to data loss and lack of coherent arrangement as well as data integrity. This also limited the strategic views of data, primarily without capabilities for in-depth analysis of data as the data displayed in Excel spreadsheets were merely numbers and figures.


Moreover, Dutch Lady required a better workflow system that allowed for key in of numerous KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) as well as more automation of processes. Production of reports was also a labour-intensive activity, especially without a consolidated data environment, resulting in untold amounts of time wasted on searching for data and files across departments.

The Speedminer Solution

Speedminer provided clarity in listing tasks and responsibilities of each individual. This was achieved through the Speed Web Application Development Framework system which listed out the process of work, including precedent tasks and the designation of responsibility. This ensured greater transparency and accountability in assigned jobs and tasks. As an added benefit, bottlenecks in the workflow could be easily identified and given rectification.


In essence, with such capabilities to create, customize and design their own workflow systems and reports, Dutch Lady Milk Industries was able to become self-sufficient in that aspect.


Previously, given the large volumes of data, many tasks and procedures were required just to get things done and to seek approvals. Speedminer greatly reduced the workload of the staff and need for human intervention by automating notifications, emails and requests for approval. Even report generation and construction was no longer a formidable task that required large amounts of time and manpower.


  1. Leveraging upon the Speed Web Application Development Framework for customized CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.
  2. Enabled comprehensive data analysis with Speed Listing
  3. Superior organizational performance through KPI monitoring and automated reports


With intuitive drag-and-drop capabilities and options to design and customize report forms and templates, users are more empowered to produce reports when they want and in the design of their choosing.


The amount of emails required to facilitate the work process was greatly reduced. Speedminer offered the ability for automatic notifications to be sent to superiors or persons in-charge for approval and confirmation.


The Speed Web Application Development Framework was instrumental in creating and building a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that is able to capture salesperson data in a timely and efficient manner. This module caters to changing needs and requirements. Examples of forms created include data entry for various KPI, Institutions, contacts, actual sales calls which aided nutritional advisors in planning their sales calls and to record the status of the call.