Hong Leong Yamaha Motors


Hong Leong Yamaha Motor (HLYM) Sdn. Bhd. is the manufacturer, assembler and marketer of Yamaha motorcycles in Malaysia. Striving to provide products and service that truly meet customer needs and adapt to a constantly changing business environment, Hong Leong Yamaha Motor sought a more functional and capable Business Intelligence (BI) solution. Choosing the Speedminer System was based on multiple merits that were all delivered within the same package.


Besides BI, Speedminer also delivers a defining competitive edge in the form of the Web Application Development Framework. Through this module, users could independently construct and develop forms through a simple and accessible interface. This was particularly useful for the Quality Assurance Department, whereby changing requirements and quotas meant that no single application could accommodate the needs of the users in the long term.


Speedminer differentiated itself from the competition by offering a holistic package of value-added applications, instead of selling each module separately. Hence, Speedminer gave HLYM the tools and ability to meet today’s requirement and fully expandable and scalable to also cater for the future needs.


Problems and Requirements

The company wished to develop new application as well as a BI system integrating to existing BAAN (Enterprise Resource Planning Software). The traditional defect tracking workflow system that was employed relied heavily on manual data entry and paper-based resources. This was not only costly in terms of resources and time usage, but also highly subject to human error, such as misplaced data entry cards. This issue is even more evidence when considering that each motorcycle in the assembly line requires multiple checks and information gathering at different assembly line stations. Typically there were 600 motorcycles that went through the workflow process each day! This process was highly inefficient in ensuring data integrity and consistency.


The Speedminer Solution

Speedminer Defect Tracking System is run on touch screen monitors for easy recording of defects identified. Such intuitive feature is an enabler for users to be more productive and resulting in more motorcycles being processed daily, with tangible improvements in accuracy of data entry. With the real time data entry, top management can now access up-to-date information in the form of report and analysis to make precise and fact based business decision.


Coupled with an intuitive look and feel, user-friendly interface, Speedminer analysis and report generation are highly convenient and in reach of users. For instance, top management could now determine daily motorcycle defect rates and obtain generated reports, with various presentations of data through pie charts, graphs and other graphical displays. Trend and pattern identification is now available, as the motorcycle models which suffer the highest rates of defects can be listed, and through the drill down ability, even the smallest of details such as motorcycle parts with highest defects can be obtained.


Speedminer also provides integration to Electronic Card Reader to enable users to login to the touch screen system with their access card and a password entry.  This has improved the application security with less keystroke.  The rest of the application is also built to cut down the data entry by having shortcut keys, and simple guided data entry through selection from pre-defined list.  The system is further simplified through the support of data entry via touching of the motorbike component displaying in graphical format (hotspots on the image).


Speedminer also provides interface to Quality Control instruments (Horiba Emission Analyzer) to obtain precise data of each emission test including Carbon Dioxide, Hydrocarbon, and Carbon Monoxide readings. The automated loading of data from the instrument eliminates manual data entry and reduces error.


In the past, defect tracking form was filled in manually on cards by staff; the new Speedminer system represents a great leap in the company operational performance improvement through the process automation. Operations are now highly time-sensitive with competitive performance and timely response rates as priorities. Translating information into insight, top management can be more performance aware and responsive towards any changes identified based on available and easily accessible information and data.


In Product Planning Division, we consolidate Road Transport Department Malaysia(JPJ)’s data pertaining to  competitors’ product to produce comparison analysis for decision making especially in determination of price of each product on monthly basis.


Sample Analysis for Top Management

Operational information is condensed into reports for top management to view.  Examples are reports showing the HLYM KRA (Key Result Areas) by fiscal year, the Productivity index based on man-hour per unit displayed through line chart, and actual volume versus budgeted volume KPI (Key Performance Indicator) and the Total SPRI (Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging) report.


Sales Analysis and Market share analysis are easily visualized by intuitive charting. All these analytical reports can be drilled by sales/registration, demand, brand, model, price, state etc.



  • Improved Operation performance through integrated system with real-time Business Intelligence and reporting capabilities.
  • Integration with Card Reader and QC instruments to minimize data entry and reduce error.
  • Visible improvements in entire workflow process
  • Touch screen and image hotspots to enable quicker data entry.
  • Maximizing Pricing Strategy with Business Intelligence.