Indah Water Konsortium (Malaysia’s Officially Appointed Sewage Company)

Via the Ensemble and Caché platform, Speedminer supports use of Object Scripting and VB scripting to perform extremely complicated calculation and processing. Speedminer comes with hundreds of in-built functions including time series forecasting, statistical functions etc., and users can create custom function using the scripting environment and save the function for subsequent reuse.


Many OLAP tools do not have strong scripting support and therefore rely on the third party environment such as C programming to handle their complex scripting. Not only do the separate environment require separate skill set, but it also causes the delay and the complexity to the project.


Indah Water Konsortium (IWK), a wholly-owned company of the Minister of Finance Incorporated, is Malaysia’s national sewerage company which has been entrusted with the task of developing and maintaining a modern and efficient sewerage system for all Malaysians since 1994.  Operating and maintaining over 9,100 public sewage treatment plants, 16,000km networks of sewerage pipelines and providing scheduled desludging services to over 350,000 individual septic tanks in Malaysia, IWK needed an efficient Enterprise Performance Management solution that can present their KPI and Scorecard on Dashboard that is accessible by the management to monitor the efficiency of the operation as well as the quality indicator for all plants and services.


When IWK went in search of a scorecarding solution, many vendors were invited to showcase their product.  During the presentation, each vendor was given the simple source data for POC. Most vendors failed to perform the computation within the time frame given due to C program needed in such complex rules. The decision to go with Speedminer was led by IWKpanels who testified that Speedminer was the only product capable in performing complex calculation on the spot, by using VB and Caché object scripting integrated within the tool. It was augmented by fast completion- with 1 hour from data extraction to Analysis to creation of dashboards in POC.


Speedminer won the trust of IWK not due to the price, but due to the functionality and the rapid implementation that will bring down the total cost of ownership to lowest among the competitors.


IWK’s scorecards represent one of the most complicated one of its kind. Every of the scorecard links to many documents which each of the document is derived from other sub documents, where in turn is derived from other nested document.  Speedminer has developed innovative solution to ensure all these dynamic, complicated, and multi-level nested scorecard to be loaded within seconds, now the task that had been taking weeks to perform, with Speedminer, it is delivered within seconds, fully automated!

Speedminer has rich features and is able to meet all of the users requirement including complex calculations and reporting formats.  Speedminer is very flexible in terms of adding new features.  As long as it is programmable, any new features can be incorporated into the product.

Madam Hayati Abdul Hamid

   IT Manager