IOI Group

IOI Corporation Ltd. is the world’s largest oil-palm grower listed in the first board in Malaysia’s Stock Exchange, with an annual revenue of over RM 6 billion and hundreds of subsidiary companies involved in Plantation, Property, Oleo-Chemical, Specialty Oils & Fats, Leisure and others. The biggest challenge of IOI is to consolidate the data of various subsidiaries to automatically produce consolidated Financial Statement (P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow) and other reports that allows slice and dice. All statements and reports must be updated daily.


During the early BI initiative in IOI, one of the best analytical tool was presented to the board, but as the tool was too complicated for business users, it was rejected.


As the business grew fast, IOI started to look for BI tools again. Two vendors were selected for the Proof of Concept – Speedminer DW & BPM and another well known OLAP vendor from US. Speedminer DW & BPM was able to complete all the analysis requested with 1 resource in 1 month. This included the Finance module, Customer Service, Property, and Sales. The other vendor was only able to complete a portion of the Customer Service with 4 technical resources, in 1 month, due to time constraint in designing and building the CUBE for customer service alone.


The entire implementation for Phase I took around 12 man months. This included hundreds of complex analysis, KPIs, dashboards, as well as consolidation of data from various subsidiaries across different states. In Phase II, IOI’s IT staffs were more well versed with the system and therefore took the lead to implement it for other business areas in IOI. As IOI is a large corporation, we see continuous expansion of use of Speedminer DW & BPM.

We selected Speedminer as the Business Intelligence and Data Mining tool on InterSystem’s Caché database, because of its unrivalled functionalities, analytical flexibility, and dynamic interfaces that could automatically integrate and consolidate our databases that sit on various operating systems and transactional databases easily without any programming or even SQL coding.  And the team in Speedminer is able to deliver a strategic support system in the form of the afore mentioned at the most efficient way that enable us to complete the project with least resource and thus cut down implementation cost to minimum (most competitive overall pricing).

Mr. Choo Kah Yean

    Senior Manager

    (Corporate and Finance Planning)

Speedminer DW & BPM has unique features to automatically consolidate multiple tables, multiple databases or multiple files into a single environment. The consolidated table has a new “Site ID” field to record the data sources. Database consolidation, which normally takes much time to design and implement is now only a click away! You can now easily analyze the organization’s performance across all subsidiaries or focus just on a particular business area.

Many large corporations have the problem of producing consolidated reports of their subsidiaries. As individual subsidiaries may have its own system running on different platforms, the traditional approach is to allow each subsidiary to submit its reports in MS Excel format, and the HQ will manually put these together to produce the consolidated report. This is time consuming, prone to error, without any flexibility of drilling down on the information, and consumes much resources. Therefore such consolidated reports are produced quarterly, half yearly or annually; a daily consolidated report will not be possible without a tool such as Speedminer.