MSM International

Success Stories

McLaren International Adjusters

McLaren International Adjusters (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (MSM), is one of the largest Loss Adjuster firms in Malaysia with huge daily business transaction and over 250 staffs station in branches across every states.


With the need to process claims of insurance companies faster as well as to produce analysis and analytics that helps the management to make critical business decision, Speedminer was selected as the platform to develop the new system – LAMS.


Speedminer allows transparency of branch KPI which previously rely on manual consolidation of reports from branches.


After the system went live for a month, MSM realizes that the time to resolve a case has been reduced by 50% which is a significant improvement.  Now, all it takes to generate the management reports such as Bordereau and in house reports is with just a click of button as opposed to time consuming preparation of report in the past.  All these translate to significant return on the investment.

Web Application Framework (EliteSys)

MSMS redesign to combine previous 3 systems into a single system using Web Application Framework.  With better data type checking and structured design using Speedminer, user have less room for error and thus increase data quality.


Report Template

The Report Template module enables users to create report templates that retrieved information from the database and inserted into the predefined fields in the template. The template editor provides basic Microsoft Word functionalities such as bold, italic, insert image and page break. Aside from that, it also supports exporting the report to PDF and Microsoft Word.


Monitoring via workflow

Monitoring is fulfilled by using the compliance rule where the user will dictate the deadline of each document submission by relative date, a good example would be ‘15 calendar days from date of instruction’. The system will monitor the sent date and declare whether the document had complied with the requirements set by the user. Another type of monitoring is the ‘Events’ module which will record the major events that occurred during the progress of the case, such as document submission, case transfer and case closure.  All these made easy through the Workflow module in Speedminer.


Data Migration using Data Ingestion

Migrating data from the legacy system is a critical task as the historical data represent assets to MSM. Speedminer Data Ingestion module handles the data migration easily and accurately, and most importantly the Data Profiler provide insight of what kind of data is in each field of tables, allowing users to detect various error in the data including typo errors, duplicate entry, integrity error etc. With the information on errors, technical staffs can add the cleansing rule as part of the process of migration, therefore the data in the new LAMS can be assured to be of high quality.


Analysis and Dashboard

One of the major benefit of using Speedminer is the availability of the Analyzer module, an advanced analysis tool that can generate real time and ad-hoc analysis reports.  With drill down and drill through feature, users is able to learn of the business operation quickly and identify opportunity and issues as early as possible.  The analysis and reports created can also be saved for reused as well as placed on dashboard to show as chart or crosstab with added filters and other visual component.


Offline App

A key concern of MSM is the ability to work using tablet or laptop without internet connectivity (offline). Application developed using most framework will not support such requirement, but Speedminer mobile team has designed the mobile app that works on Android, iOS and Windows platforms. The mobile app support synchronization that download the cases handled by the adjuster for viewing, editing and adding new entry on the mobile device. The updated information will then be synchronized to HQ Server when internet connectivity is available. One of the issue for offline data entry is the conflict of update (multiple adjuster updating same record with different information), but Speedminer team has implemented the Conflict Resolution flawlessly.