Pantai Premier Pathology Pte. Ltd.


Over the years, Pantai Premier Pathology Sdn. Bhd. (PPPSB) has incorporated many laboratories and established itself in serving a broad base of general practitioners and specialist doctors, from medical clinics, medical centre to large tertiary hospitals in Malaysia. It quests to be in the forefront in providing quality diagnostic and analytical laboratory testing services. To manage the laboratories effectively and edge above their competitors, PPPSB required a tool that can spearhead their mission – a tool to analyze their lab data and billing data and subsequently produce the necessary statistics and analysis.


Speedminer extracted data from their Lab Information System (TrakCare Lab) and their Billing system. Both systems run on the same database engine as Speedminer. This made it easier to extract data on near realtime basis and produce the reports Premier required to submit to their higher management periodically.


Premier’s initial analysis included a 100% Blood Culture Sensitivity Positive notification report to monitor the number of positive cases for Blood Culture Sensitivity, Aerobic and Anaerobic blood culture tests and ensuring all positive cases are notified within 15 minutes. The Machine Statistics report is able to let them know the number of test results being transmitted from different machines to TrakCare Lab and the Turn Around Time for every machine as well as for patient test run by those machines. The Nationwide and Summary statistics report displays the aggregates for tests ordered by every site for a specified period. They could also view the performance of the lab by the functional departments and management segments in graphical representations. The Revenue Statistics provided an overview of revenue for every site by test and payor. In addition, they could do a price comparison among sites at a glance which is not possible directly from the data entry systems.


Their more critical reports involve Turn Around Time (TAT) analysis for specific tests. Speedminer allows the user to categorize the TAT, calculate the category percentages and customize the report layout easily without the need of complex coding. The users find using Speedminer has lifted their burden of manually compiling information every month. With Speedminer, all they have to do is click ‘Find’ and the latest information is loaded to the report template at the Speedminer Dashboard.