Qtelmedia Group Ltd. (Ireland)

Qtelmedia is a global private content network, providing a fully secure, dedicated distribution platform for the delivery of LIVE television, Video Clips, alerts, downloads and value-added services to Mobile Operators.


Qtelmedia achieves world-class performance by aligning information and resources to deliver company objectives. Speedminer’s Enterprise Performance Management system (EPM) delivers a management solution, helping Qtelmedia formulate strategies for operational deliverables, profitable growth, and actively monitors day-to-day operations.


Speedminer provides Qtelmedia with a powerful solution for driving business performance. The solution allows Qtelmedia to assess the performance of customers, suppliers, workforce, and operations. Speedminer delivers purpose built reports and analysis tools, allowing Qtelmedia identify and act on business opportunities while improving business processes.


Speedminer has been selected as the EPM of choice because:

  1. Comprehensive Reporting System: Speedminer delivers a solution comprising of robust analytic reporting tools; derived business metrics that allows ease of assess potential problems or key opportunities across important business processes.
  2. Scalability: Speedminer offers extensive flexibility and scalability to global enterprises of all sizes.
  3. Security: Built-in security features delivering a User Name/Password access to data and views, ensuring that only authorized individuals can view information needed to make critical decisions.
  4. Flexible Architecture: With the open and flexible architecture, Speedminer delivers a reporting technology allowing the creation of reports, charts, and graphs, including but not limited to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, etc.


Speedminer has enabled Qtelmedia to identify and act on business opportunities while improving business processes. Speedminer has helped Qtelmedia to adjust operations to realign with our corporate strategy – thus driving the continued success of the company.

Qtelmedia delivers multiple TV channels to many operators in various regions. We have a large number of content providers that are incorporated into live and on-demand broadcasts. Due to the nature of the visibility of our system, in which we allow our clients and their service front desks, we had the requirement for a Real Time reporting system that could integrate into the various logging engines that we operate.


After trying various solutions in the market place, we decided on Speedminer DW & BPM.  Speedminer DW & BPM provides all that we need in the real time reporting environment. It has the ability to interface into the various logging systems that we use throughout our service solution. It enables us to offer customised interfaces for the multiple clients that we have both in terms of operators and content providers. With Speedminer DW & BPM, we are able to generate reports that enable us to plan for upcoming content, based on the individual access reports for viewer ship and time. We are also able to plan for the upgrade of the network as viewer ship increases. Speedminer DW & BPM is delivered to us in simple to use interface that all our account managers and support staff can access. We decided on the report types that we would require on a regular basis and created a dashboard front page to give the overview information. The powerful analysis section allows more experienced users to make almost any query in the systems.


In all, Speedminer DW & BPM is a very powerful tool that assists in the operation of any organisation and more importantly, due to the importance of access to information, Speedminer DW & BPM ensures that users are always working in real time analysis.

Niall Deegan
(New and Emerging Technologies Director, Qtelmedia Group Ltd.)