Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia (SPA)

Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia (SPA) is a Commission responsible for a duty which is referred by the Federal Constitution to appoint, confirm, confer into permanent or pension status, promote, transfer and to exercise disciplinary control over personnel for services covered by its jurisdiction. To achieve these objectives, one of the Commission’s Division, that is the Examination Division, was put in charge to conduct interviews, put candidates through exams, in order to shortlist and appoint candidates according to the appointment’s directive.

Problem Faced and Requirements

The problems faced by SPA – Examination Division is that their data needed for analysis was done manually by keying in to a spreadsheet using data generated by their IT Department. The many candidates who apply for jobs, at the initial stage, must go through a few stages of examinations. After such examinations, statistical reports need to be generated for analysis purpose. To churn out such reports, the IT Department must first generate data from the SQL Server and these data are given to the Examination Division. The Examination Division then, using these data, needs to manually create analysis reports in Excel spreadsheet format.


Other than these tedious and time consuming data and report generation, whereby the IT Department needs to stay and run the data overnight, these procedures were also found to be stringent. If some reports need to be changed, the IT needs to modify the complicated query and re-run the whole procedure again from scratch.


The Excel reports that are prepared manually also have its limitations. Although the spreadsheet data can be generated, it cannot drill into detail listing. This makes the information provided by the spreadsheet very limited, and one needs to have other references to make a complete judgement.


These are the reasons why SPA had assigned Speedminer to help them simplify and speed up the tedious and time consuming work, and at the same time able to generate accurate computerized data for analysis purposes. SPA also wanted to reduce the manual work to manage such huge data, with Speedminer’s help.


All the requirements and objectives had been met and obtained through Speedminer BI solution. All the required data can now be obtained directly from the dashboard by just a selection from the user to filter by search criteria. Statistical and analytical data of candidates’ appointments by date, candidates’ special examination marks, candidates’ attendance by location, specialized candidates for special examination, to name a few,  can be displayed directly from the dashboard.


The creation of dashboard with analysis, especially top-level analysis, has served as a decision making tool for their Management.


It took about two weeks to complete the whole project that includes training of the SPA staff.

Sample Type of Analysis

    • Statistics of Recruitment Management
    • Statistics of Appointment according to Date
    • Statistics of Candidates’ Special Examination’s Marks
    • Statistics of Candidates’ Attendance according to Centre
    • Statistics of Candidates’ Qualification for Special Examination